We at WPES are an erudite group of highly talented and qualified professionals with sufficient industrial expertise who are passionate about providing best in class IT consultancy services that enable your business to implement new and improved IT solutions. We are dedicated to providing client centric solutions that are custom made for specific business objectives, through a foundation of in-depth understanding and discussion. We help you achieve business goals in the most optimum way without a complete overhaul or disrupting your existing system.

Our Key Feature

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Business process automation

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QA and Testing

Hardware engineering services, such as board design, design analysis, and platforms for in-flight entertainment.


Composite lifecycle solutions encompassing industrial design, CAD, CAE, reliability, and documentation.

Application Development

Test solution implementation experience and strong process and standards for test equipment design and development.

IT enterprise security

IoT-led manufacturing process efficiencies

Digital risk management

Next generation PLM strategies for lower risk and increased agility.

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Partner with us to gain :-

Comprehensive understanding of your most demanding challenges and options by working with IT professionals possessing experience in different business domains. End to End expert guidance tailored to your needs to avail the best IT infrastructure possible to overcome limitations at all levels Get your IT system to work for you to attain greater than ever efficiency in your business processes and maximize your business value

What We Do

Let’s Create Unlimited Websites With this Fancy Huge Maestro.

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World Planet provides end-to-end core banking testing solution along with reusable core banking test assets to meet the requirements of both product and banking companies. We make use of various models to ensure complete functional test coverage as well as to meet specific requirements of clients.

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World Planet can help its customers streamline and automate the end-to-end lending and leasing origination processes through the Zero Touch Origination framework covering all the sub-processes, including pricing, decision, document management, etc. resulting in better customer service and faster decision.

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World Planet predictive analytics helps organizations to detect and predict fraud or suspicious activity, thus helping in making wise decisions. The solution leverages the historical data and enables financial services to identify patterns based on past behavior and predictive modelling / analysis to identify potential fraud-prone transactions / activities.

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With the increase in regulatory demands, risk management has become a key focus area for banks and financial services firms worldwide. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) has mandated industry players to establish unified standards on data management, adopt consistent data taxonomies.