Overview :- The Energy and Utilities industry is in a state of tumult, owing to regulatory uncertainties and the immense pressure from being put under the microscope for environmental violations. Energy and Utility leaders are evaluating new business models which can help them reinvent themselves. They are also taking a long, hard look at their existing supply channels, pricing structure, energy resources and capital investments. It is clear that Energy and Utility organizations must implement technology solutions that will allow them to address supply and consumption challenges and at the same time, reduce the costs and risks involved with their trade. We have solutions developed for energy and utility industry which enables in the modernization of business processes, improve customer satisfaction, better connect their systems with newer technologies, gain insights for quick and better decision making, and optimally utilize resources and skills.

Power Generation


World Planet for Power Generation help you maximize availability & PLF, optimize fuel supply chain, minimize cost of generation in an environment-friendly way, and a lot more. Explore our solutions.

 Full-Suite ERP Solution

 Enterprise Asset Management Solution

 Fuel Management Solution

 MIS for Power Plant O&M


World Planet for Wind Energy help you maximize turbine availability and PLF, reduce O&M cost, get real-time visibility into asset condition and performance, and so on. Explore our solutions.

 Wind Farm O&M Solution

 Full-Suite ERP Solution

 Customer Care & Billing Solution

 Enterprise Analytics Solution


World Planet for Water Utilities and Water/Waste Water Treatment Plants help you reduce unplanned supply interruptions, reduce turnaround time, increase asset reliability, and improve billing and collection efficiency. Explore our solutions.

 Full-Suite ERP Solution

 Enterprise Asset Management Solution

 Enterprise Analytics Solution


World Planet for the Oil & Gas Sector help you increase operational efficiencies, maximize asset uptime, optimize parts utilization, improve workforce productivity, adhere to safety standards at work, and a lot more. Explore our solutions.

 Full-Suite ERP Solution

 Enterprise Asset Management Solution

 Enterprise Analytics Solution


World Planet for O&M Service Providers focusing on Utilities help you maximize incentives on the O&M contract by increasing asset reliability, tracking SLA terms and reducing costs

 KPI based dashboard with customizable info panels

 User defined dynamic event notifications

 Customer tracking and information gathered across multiple channels


solutions and offerings are based on years of work with leading energy and utility companies. They comprise proven methodologies, frameworks and assets to ensure successful outcomes.

Customer Experience Management

As customer expectations and communication channels evolve, we focus on providing a best in class experience leveraging digital expertise.

Smarter Utilities

Built on our experience with early smart grid adopters, Cognizant’s Smarter Utilities solutions are designed to maximize the benefits from smart grid investments.

Energy Management

Our Energy Management solutions address the challenges associated with managing energy programs and help support the rollout of consumption, rate and behavior analytics.

Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Business Improvement

Cognizant's T&D solutions can be used to integrate and streamline processes across departments & deliver insight into assets and work.