Overview :- Custom CRM development for media & entertainment highlighting merger of features under each important area – Sales, Service, Marketing & Satisfaction. ERP system – A blend of business software solutions, meant for the industry, that emphasis on resource planning, management & operational control between diverse departments/sections/offices/locations. Assorted software modules to concentrate on individual working areas and integrated via transitional modules.

Media & Entertainment Services

Content Distribution Management

We build custom content management and distribution platforms for media and entertainment companies. Scalable and tailored to your needs, our solutions help you communicate your message directly to your audiences through multiple channels

Increasing User Engagement

Minimized loading speed, powerful on-site search, cross-browser compatibility, social sharing features and personalized, contextual messages delivered by Beacons - these are only some of the tools we apply to engage your users and drive 90% more sales for your business.


It’s no longer a just option for media and entertainment businesses to have a mobile-first strategy: 90% of consumer’s media time is spent in-app. We use native and cross-platform technologies to build apps for any device.

Social Media

If you target a small niche or run a industry-specific media resource, creating a dedicated social networking platform is a great way to build a loyal community around your business. Our team can help you enter the social media sphere and reach out to a 1.79 billion member audience worldwide.

System Performance Improvement

We build high-performance scalable software products with a long-term outlook for your media and entertainment business. Workload optimization, profiling and caching techniques applied to your project make it up to 10 times faster, regardless of the traffic and database load.

Multimedia Streaming

With online video accounting for 57% of internet traffic and 243 million Americans still listening to the radio every week, broadcasting is a powerful way for media and entertainment companies to interact with their audience. Our engineers create live streaming solutions for you to expand your business reach.


We focus on ERP transformation and create custom Value Realization Models (VRMs) to deliver value based content to viewers, while improving the business’ success and popularity.


We are a full-service provider for advertising agencies and we focus on Creative Asset Management, Digital Advertising Services, Direct Marketing and Reporting and Insights solutions. We collaborate with agencies on their unique creative and business needs, helping them adapt to change and generating better results for clients.


Our broadcasting group has deep industry expertise working with top broadcasters worldwide. We address the most important business and technology issues facing these companies, such as how to align content offerings with changing or fluctuating consumer demand.

Filmed entertainment services

Our Filmed Entertainment Group has extensive experience across the entire video and film value chain. We offer a full set of services—from strategy and execution through optimizing a global delivery model. Drawing on IT and industry backgrounds, we help film studios achieve digital transformation and expand into new markets.

Print publishing services

Our publishing clients in newspapers, magazines, books and journals work with us to reinvent subscription models. They repurpose titles and brands as mobile and Web content. They also leverage demographics and user behavior more effectively. Many have succeeded in delivering more targeted-and profitable-print and electronic publications.