Warehouse Management :

World Planet Warehouse automatically generates a Purchase Order and bills it to QuickBooks when you order new products. Receive products into your warehouse by scanning them in with a wireless mobile device. Then store them in their assigned place in your warehouse.

In addition, World Planet Manufacturing allows you to create multiple Work Orders and Bills of Materials for complex jobs under a Manufacture Order. When a Sales Order comes in, use Fishbowl to pick products off your shelves, pack them and ship them to the customer.

When a product is sold, World Planet automatically sends an invoice to QuickBooks, updating it with the financial data. World Planet is the #1 QuickBooks warehouse management systems. It’s an ideal solution for QuickBooks users, warehouse managers and manufacturers.

Our Key Feature

We pride ourselves on providing a centralized, automated warehouse management solution that makes it simple for you to manage complex activities.

Inventory Management

Aging inventory

Handheld supported

Cycle count enabled

Auto inventory replenishment

FIFO stock picking supported

Order Management

Manifest Print

Label and Invoice Print

Unify Online and Offline Orders

Warehouse Inward

Goods Received

Quality Check

Advanced Ship Notice

Purchase Order Management

Shelf / Bin/ Zone Allocation

Warehouse Outward

Stock Transfer

Return to Vendor

Gatepass Management

Non-returnable Items

Purchase Order Management

RFID Barcode Scanning

Returns Handling

Serial Barcoding

SKU Level Barcoding

Returns Management

RTO return

Customer return

Features in World Planet HRMS

Equip your business with right tool to achieve peaking levels of people performance. Presenting World Planet HRMS- the dynamic HR solution with cloud connect, mobile interface, intuitive user experience, robust, secure and scalable architecture all designed to take your organization to greater heights.

Attendance Management:

Attendance Mgmt module in the AIG HRMS has some basic sub- modules to manage the entire attendance life cycle viz.

Time History:

Time Change Request

Attendance Report

Download Brochure

Brochure Type

Payroll Management

Salary Management

Recruitment Management

Generate Pay slip

Job Application

Performance Report

Performance Management

Indicator Management

Give Appraisal Process

Performance Report