Business Assurance & Testing :

Our Software testers’ years of experience, knowledge base, domain expertise, and proven track record support the clients for an efficient market release of the software products and reduce investment cost. Our software testers are experts and have experience in manual and automated testing for different types of software products across industry verticals. We thrive to meet the quality goals by following the standard procedures.
The quality of the developing/developed application is expected to be at the higher end leading to minimal risk and maximum impact in business. We help the applications to cross the barriers prior to its market release through Business Assurance and Testing.

Our Services

Agile managed testing services

Accelerate time-to-market and guarantee business outcomes: Agile managed testing services leverages World Planet global network of testing professionals and expertise to deliver agility and assure quality.

Agile Methodology

As time-to-market requirements shorten, many organizations are adopting agile development methods especially for new business development projects. World Planet provides a range of end-to-end services to help organizations

Application Testing

The latest World Quality Report found that an increasing proportion of the IT budget is now being spent on Testing and Quality Assurance. Today’s fast-paced, digital world requires high quality products, brought to market quicker.

DevOps QA: Increasing speed and quality

The continuous demand for new and improved IT solutions by end-users and customers at an ever-increasing speed has forced enterprises to embrace Agile, and DevOps (Development and Operations) methodology

Digital QA & Testing

Digital Transformation is driving the need for a higher focus on QA and Testing. A true mind shift for both business and IT operations, it is not just about using new digital technologies to become better or faster; it is also about being creative and effective

Managed Testing Services

As consumers expect businesses to provide personalized content and seamless experience across all channels, focus on quality assurance and testing is rising. Although, many organizations struggle to establish a testing function that can deliver high quality.