Overview :-

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the system of strategic processes employed to reduce the cost of getting a product to market, efficiently scale to meet market demand, extend the duration of the profitable years of your product's maturity and continue maximum profitability as product sales begin to decline. Effective product lifecycle management depends upon collaboration among supply chain team members and facilitates the sharing of data oftentimes across design, quality, manufacturing and business systems.
Other key elements of a product lifecycle management system are product data collection, communication and management of product development issues to improve product design processes. Strong PLM processes enable teams to collaborate in defining the product, managing its development and ensuring that the product meets compliance standards.

PLM Solution

Some of the solutions for PLM that World Planet E-Solution offers are listed below


This product lifecycle management software consists of an end-to-end solution specifically designed to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies manage all their documents and automate all their regulatory-related processes, as well as employee training, via a single, web-based platform.

WorldPlanet MD™

This product lifecycle management software includes an end-to-end solution for medical device manufacturers. It enables medical device companies to get their products to market faster while simultaneously assuring regulatory compliance. By providing a web-based workspace for collaboration between all departments

WorldPlanet ENG™

This solution efficiently manages the continual changes to engineering designs and product specs. It also gets manufacturing, marketing, quality, and regulatory personnel involved early in the development cycle in order to maximize the likelihood of a product's success.

WorldPlanet TotalMFG™

This product lifecycle management software consists of an end-to-end solution that automates document management and quality events such nonconformance reports (NCMRs), CAPA, customer complaints, audits and employee training.