Overview :-

Modern enterprises are embracing digitalization as a business model for their network infrastructure, exploring innovative sources of revenue such as IoT, big data analytics, and M2M. The consequent increase in data volumes necessitates an overhaul of existing network infrastructure and the implementation of robust network applications services.
A modern network must be ‘open’ yet secure, agile yet scalable, and easy to govern while supporting real-time upgrades. Organizations must consider emerging technologies, such as the cloud, as part of their digital journeys.

Integrated Workplace Management Solutions

Integrated Workplace Management Solution is becoming significant day by day for every organization. Be it employee’s attendance, leave details, or personnel details an integrated workplace management system on the company’s intranet makes things easier. This convenience automatically translates into higher productivity

Meeting Room Booking Solutions

Maximize your meeting room utilization through adoption of our highly integrated meeting room booking solutions.

• Seamless Outlook integration

• Book your meeting room on your phone

• Reschedule your room and resources easily

Digital Signage and Kiosks

A selection of smart and highly integrated meeting book and desk booking screens that allow you find, book or cancel a space on the fly.

• Desk booking touch screens

• Desk booking kiosks

• Meeting room touch screens


Desk Booking Solutions

Bring a more productive and efficient way of working to your mobile workforce.

• Manage no-shows through auto check-in and cancel.

• Reduce real estate cost

• “Right Size” your desk space

• Locate a colleague quickly

• Activity-based desk booking

Occupancy Sensing

Gain full visibility over your space usage and make informed decisions based on the utilization status data captured by our wireless sensors that measure and monitor your workspace.

• Smart and small wireless sensors

• Cloud-based portal to access from anywhere

• No impact on your existing network infrastructure