Overview :-

While mainframes and IBM i (AS/400) systems remain a strategic asset for several organizations, they must address certain challenges in the modern computing environment. These include lack of agility, cost inefficiencies and skills shortage. 
Mainframes have to be scalable in times of rapid enterprise growth and peak operational loads. A number of firms perceive mainframe maintenance as a cost-intensive process. With the emergence of cloud-based services, mainframes can demand significant capital investments initially. Increasing regulatory requirements has led to complexities in ensuring business continuity. The absence of new generation mainframe technicians is another hurdle.

IBM Mainframe & AS400 Conversion Services

World Planet offers unparalleled service in the field of Mainframe & AS400 data and media conversion. Converting mainframe data to PC is a specialty. We are IBM database conversion experts.

Multi-million dollar hardware inventory

Put the multi-million dollar hardware inventory of Disc to work for you! We support nearly all mainframe and AS400 media formats, including 3480, 3490, 3490E, 3590B, 3590E, 3590H, 3580 LTO Ultrium (LTO1, LTO2 & LTO3) , MLR, SLR, DLT, SDLT, all 9-track reels and more.

Consolidate legacy tape to modern media

Do you need to refresh or consolidate legacy tape to modern media, be it large capacity tape, snap server, simple flash or external drives? Disc can offer you a timely and cost effective solution to a wide variety of destination formats.

Migrate to PC

Getting ready to migrate to PC or upgrading your older computing infrastructure? Disc can analyze your migration project and provide a complete stem to stern conversion solution We support almost every IBM tape drive, which can offer literally hundreds of tape to tape conversion and consolidation combinations so no legacy data is left behind.

Direct Desktop Access and Control

Organizations with z/OS, OS/390, MVS, or AS/400 platforms can run the Arbutus Mainframe Server and the Arbutus AS/400 Servers. These servers can work directly with the Arbutus Analyzer, and Connect Plus desktop components to provide simple access to these data sources.