Overview :-

Increasing complexity drives IT service management outsourcing buyers to re-evaluate their service integration and management strategy. World Planet facilitates the assessment of the right SIAM service integration and management model. Our two-fold approach toward IT service integration helps enterprises overcome the challenges associated with integrating and aggregating the supplier ecosystem. The World Planet SIAM model ensures conducive conditions for collaboration by aligning the ecosystem with customer demands. The solution drives strategic innovation and collaboration in the ecosystem, while maintaining competitive tension. Additionally, the World Planet SIAM gold blueprint provides an aggregation solution, a service management platform, and an industrialized “service bus”.

World Planet e solutions SIAM Best Practices

We follow a proven method, used successfully for many years. This process is a series of steps that build upon one another, reducing risk and arriving at a final website through a structured approach.

Limit Your Span of Control

Wherever possible it’s useful to consolidate areas of necessity into one vendor relationship. For instance, instead of hiring nine vendors to service each of your IT infrastructures needs, hire three vendors who each cover three of the requirements.

Ensure Vendor Dependencies with Technical Service Catalog

A technical service catalog can serve as a guide that tells you what dependencies must be met for each vendor to perform. Keeping track of this through visual and written descriptions will help keep everyone on track and ensure processes are always followed.

Create a Vendor Agreement

Your Vendor Agreement is the binding document between your company and a supplier, that ensures your end-user’s expectations are being delivered on, and your company’s mission is being furthered. Some things to include are cooperation clauses between vendors, a service management manual with guidelines and key performance indicators that will be used to determine if the vendor relationship is successful.

Build Relationships

By building relationships with your vendors you take the experience beyond a transaction and inspire others to focus on your brand’s mission. If one relationship should go awry you have a backup plan with your other vendors who value the relationship you’ve built to complete the work.