Overview :-

Supply chain management software can help you optimize your supply chains, vendor relationships, and distribution channels. It is important to use this software to identify inefficiencies in these channels, optimize warehouse storage, and automate your purchases. SCM software will allow you to measure and react to complexities within your supply chain and logistics operations to integrate data processes previously in silos.
A complete, end-to-end supply chain management system includes the material handling and software packages for all the parties who work together to create the product, fulfill orders, and keep track of information including suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transportation providers, logistics providers, and retailers.


With World Planet e solutions custom applications, track and manage all the moving parts of your supply chain, with or without an Internet connection.

Eliminate Spreadsheets, Paper, & Manual Work

Leverage World Planet visual, user-friendly workflow builder to digitize and streamline your critical, and unique supply chain management processes. When one step is complete, rely on the platform’s intelligent automation to begin the next step. No more delays!

Empower Anywhere, Anytime Work

Use World Planet built-in, easy-to-use native mobile apps on any iOS or Android device. Be guided step-by-step through your supply chain tasks or mobile work and even capture geo-location, photos, and signatures, scan barcodes and QR codes and more—even when offline.

Optimize Your Supply Chain Resources

Easily keep track of resources, projects and inventory across multiple teams and locations. Always know exactly what stock you have, where it’s located, and its lifecycle status. Even set automatic alerts to notify you when levels exceed or fall below thresholds.

Feel the Power of Real-time Reporting

Attain newfound visibility into your supply chain using centralized, fully customizable reporting that analyzes your data and processes in real-time. Never again be left guessing where your enterprise work stands with access to up-to-the-minute insights into your operations.